Lola's Favorite Links:

Pets For Life
A great organization I am proud to be a part of.

Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue
The organization that rescued me!

MABBR Newsletter with my story

Pit Bull Rescue Central
A great source of information if you want to learn more about pit bulls and the myths surrounding them.

Doggie Style Bowtique
It's where I do all my shopping!

Kansas City Pit Bull Alliance
An association of local animal welfare peeps addressing over-population of bully breeds in Kansas City.

Spay Neuter Kansas City
Great group of peeps working to get KC's pet population under control and look out for animals that might otherwise be forgotten.

KC Dog Blog
Where I keep up with the media and BSL hysteria.

The Truth About Pit Bulls
Exactly what it sounds like! A couple of graphic pics so be prepared.

I have a LOT of friends here and I visit them as often as I can.

Demo Dog
My favorite book! I even gifted a copy to my kids at Gillis. Read it, you'll love it!

Karen Delise
She is the author of some great books that take a look at the myths and hysterics that surround the American Pit Bull Terrier.

ASPCA Dogfighting Information
Information on recognizing, reporting, and helping STOP this cruel practice. Learn what to look for and who to tell. Also touches on why breed bans don't work.

Do you wish to have visits from dogs at your facility? Feel free to contact the Pets For Life offices to see what can be arranged. Click the logo to the left.