What to look for when you suspect dogfighting

  • Equipment such as:
    1. Treadmills
    2. break sticks (often the handle of a broom or hammer that is flattened on one end)
    3. Poles used to run the dog in circles
  • Multiple dogs at one location and chained separately. The dogs seem unsocialized and are never in contact with one another.
  • Dogs with excessive scarring or wounds on their bodies, faces, and limbs.
  • Unusual numbers of people coming and going at odd hours often with dogs.
  • Cheers or crowd noise coming from the location but no barking or growling (dogs are generally deadly silent during a dogfight).
  • Video shows scarring, paraphenalia, and some examples of housing typically used with fighting dogs. Please note that there are very graphic and disturbing images in the video.


    "Some ask, with all the problems we face, what matters the fate of dogs? But to me, the question is, what kind of society do we become if our children lose their humanity?"

    Sergeant Steve Brownstein
    Chicago Detective


    "The dog's mouth was taped shut, and the dog was leashed to a tree stump and soaked in furniture polish. A necropsy showed the dog was alive when it was set on fire."

    Account of found dog in Ontario, CN